Saturday, July 30, 2005

Fund Deposit BS


I hope you receive this letter in good health and understanding.

I work with (a company) an Insurance and deposit Company. I am prompted to write you this letter to assist me secure a transfer into your bank account.

I am the insurance officer of one of our client who was confirmed death with his family in a disaster.

Before the death of our client, our company assisted him cover a deposit worth US$18.4M with a bank in the United States and the documents of the deposit was secured in a safe with our company under my care.

After his death, I have made several efforts to trace any surviving member of his family discovered that he does not have any surviving member.

As the head of the codes and immunity section of the company, and in my position as the Credit bureau, I quickly tampered with the documents/records and put them in my possession pending when I will get the assistance of someone to stand as the next of kin to our client and claim the deposit.

In my position, it is easy for me to record your name as the next of kin to the deposit and present you to the bank for payment.

I do not want to involve my relatives or friends in this project because of my past and ugly experience with them.

Again, I do not want them to know the source of my wealth to avoid scandal in the future.
I will handle the paper works to put the records in your name.

I present you with the details of the operation as soon as you declared your honest interest to assist me.

Kindly write me back immediately. Thanks, BS