Tuesday, February 28, 2006

From Mrs. Marian Galloway

I have a new email address!

You can now email me at: hajia_4400@yahoo.co.uk

From Mrs. Marian Galloway

I am Mrs. Marian Galloway, a liberian Citizen but presently in Calabar with my Son and My only Daughter. I am a Widow.

My late Husband who was among those that was Killed in the recent WARRI CRISIS in his Car, as you can confirm through this website:


He deposited some money in Europe, which was just revealed to me by my late Husband Lawyer that this Money is to invest your Country. According to the information given to me by his Lawyer, i want you to help me stand and claim this amount of $32.5M (US$) he deposited in private volt in Europe. All i need now is a reliable Person who can help us Claim and invest this money. I will highly appreciate your kindness and be grateful if only my request is granted.

Please kindly send your contact information to me if you are interested so that i can givce you the contact of the Finance House where the Money is Kept by my late Husband, to enable you claim the money from them.

Thanks and God bless,
Mrs. Marian Galloway- Mrs Hajia Galloway


Anonymous bad credit loans said...

You almost did it. Keep this thing working as much as you can.

10:09 PM  

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